234B SKYLANE DRIVE Hollister, CA 95023


The instructors at Skydive Hollister conduct their highest jumps at 18,000 feet. Once outside, the 120 mile-per-hour free falls last little more than one minute. They help students navigate this rapid descent on tandem dives, during which they strap into the same harness as their student and coach them in proper body position, steering, and parachute release over the sound of roaring wind. At 5,000 feet, instructors deploy the parachute and instruct their partner in parachute control and landing techniques as the blue waters of Monterey Bay and the hills of San Francisco unfold below.

Instructors also train students seeking skydiving licenses through two programs. In the Accelerated Free-Fall program, they teach skydiving principles and technical basics in a four- to six-hour ground school before strapping students into their own parachutes for seven jumps. The Instructor-Assisted Free-Fall program precedes this solo training with two tandem skydives, during which instructors teach their protégés the basics of free-fall turns, altitude awareness, and filling in for the lead goose flying in V-formation.

At Skydive Hollister, skydivers plummet earthward from as high as 18,000 feet — the greatest height from which one can tandem skydive in the world. While up there, a full panorama of the hills of Silicon Valley and bay area stretches to the horizon the world seems more peaceful and beautiful. And, if you’re lucky you might see places as far as the Sierra Nevada mountains! As the airplane gets closer to the jumping spot, a green light flashes and it’s time for you to jump! At this point you will be already linked to your instructor who is not only certified by the United States Parachute Association but likely also has experience that involves jumping in world championships, training with the Navy SEALs, or a past life as a flying squirrel. This instructor will conduct you to that open door and take that so desired leap into the blue sky. 

“3, 2, 1, go!”

Once in free fall, a jump from 18,000 feet can take you to speeds up to 120 miles per hour during a one and a half minute vertical ride thru the sky. At around 5, 000 feet instructor deploys the parachute, while he or she guides you to a gentle landing. You might be allowed to steer the parachute while enjoying a view of the deep bluish waters of Monterey Bay and all the hills of San Francisco Valley unfolding in front of your eyes.

7 DAYS A WEEK | 10 AM – 4 PM