Man flying with instructors help

Would you like to experience the thrill of jumping from a parachute? If you have never experienced it, then Skydive Hollister in Hollister, CA will offer you the right training for skydiving. Our trained instructors are known for creating perfect leaning environment for skydivers of different skill sets. We’ll give you accessories and equipment at great prices.

The Ultimate Experience

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is often call the ultimate experience. After a thorough training program, you and two experienced instructors will make a skydive over Santa Cruz from 15,000 feet. You will fly your own parachute and you, the student, will pull your own ripcord. Take control of the sky with Skydive Hollister’s Solo AFF Program!

Training Content

The AFF course includes a 4-6 hour Ground School before your first jump. You will learn to fly your body and your parachute through our accelerated course of seven AFF Skydives. Each jump builds on the skills learned from the previous jump, and by the end of the course you will be skydiving in the Bay Area on your own, successfully completing barrel rolls, backflips, and advanced aerobatic techniques. The course can be completed in as fast as one weekend.

World Renowned

Our program is world renowned, with students regularly flying in from every corner of the earth just to skydive in the Bay Area with us. We are the cheapest accredited skydiving center in the world, in addition to the best. Due to extreme popularity, it is important to book your AFF package well in advance. Our small class sizes and individual, personal instruction is the perfect learning environment for skydivers looking to take it to the next level.