We offer the widest ranges of tandem skydive in California – maybe even the world!

You can jump from 8,000 feet for just $169. You won’t find a cheaper tandem jump anywhere. If you want to go big, you can jump from 18,000 feet. Want to go higher? Skydiving from Mount Everest is your only option. They’ll take you to 29,000 feet for $36,500. At $319, our 18,000-foot skydive is the cheapest 18,000-foot skydive in Northern California, and that’s tax included with no hidden fees. The same goes for our 15,000 foot tandem skydive. Unlike every other skydiving center in the San Francisco Bay Area, we go all the way to the top with our tandem skydives, and we do it for less.

Gift Certificates

A tandem skydive is the perfect gift that will always be remembered. If you are looking for a gift for Graduation, Birthday, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Retirement, or just to surprise someone special, we can help you to make someone’s special day unforgettable. All our offerings are available as Gift Certificates. Buy them now!

Group Rates and Crazy Discounts

Are you proposing to that special someone? Are you organizing a company event, birthday party, or a graduation celebration? When you and all your friends decide you are awesome enough to throw yourselves out of an airplane, we’ll be there for you. We specialize in organizing large groups and getting you up in the air for as cheap as possible. Here at Skydive Hollister, we love to skydive and we want to share our passion for our sport with as many people as possible. We know that skydiving in Northern California can be expensive, so we do our best to give you as many ways to save as possible mix and match discounts to save yourself some cash.

Minimum of 18 years old; no exceptions and valid government-issued photo ID is required upon check in. For participant past 200 lbs., there is an additional fee of $2/lb. Maximum weight limit of 250 lbs.

Skydive Hollister does not issue refunds. All sales are final; services purchased do not expire.



8, 000 feet – roughly 15 seconds of freefall</i< $ 169 GIFTBOOK
11, 000 feet – average 30 seconds of freefall $ 219 GIFTBOOK
15, 000 feet – get up to 60 seconds of freefall $ 269 GIFTBOOK
18, 000 feet – experience about 90 seconds of freefall $ 319 GIFTBOOK



Stills Package – All HD photos of your experience, about a hundred shots! $ 79
Photos & Video – All HD raw footage of your adventure, added to the Stills Package. $ 99



Basic Package – Includes Ground School and 7 AFF training jumps. $ 1, 399
Premium Package – Includes Ground School, 7 AFF training jumps and 18 discounted lift tickets! $ 1, 699
A-license Package – Ground School, 7 AFF training jumps, 18 funjump tickets w/ 18 rig rental vouchers, 18 pack jobs (including 2 hop & pops w/ a coach, plus your check dive) all equal to 25 jumps, packing class, logbook, altimeter and goggles. $ 2, 799
Level 2 Package – Go on 3 Instructor-Assisted Freefall jumps and you may be eligible to skip your AFF Level 1! Package includes Ground School, 6 AFF training jumps and 6 discounted lift tickets. $ 1, 260
Ground School – Mandatory to be completed before your first skydive. $ 90
Per AFF Jump – Covers your jump ticket, your instructor’s slot, rig rental, gear rental, pack job, a fist bump and maybe new friends. $ 210
AFF Training Video – Record your training jumps for future world domination plans. $ 20 + $ 10 USB Drive
Coach Jump – Includes: 2 jump tickets ($50), rig rental ($25), gear rental ($5), coaching fee ($35) $ 115
Refresher Jump Course – Includes: refresher ground class ($40), 2 jump tickets ($50), rig rental ($25), gear rental ($5), coaching fee ($35) $ 155



Full Altitude Single Jump Ticket (15, 000 feet) $ 25
Block of 10 Jump Tickets $ 230
Block of 20 Jump Tickets $ 420
Block of 50 Jump Tickets $ 900
Million Feet – 67 Discounted Jump Tickets to Full Altitude! $ 1, 000
Jumpsuit FREE
Rig Rental $ 25
Gear Rental (including helmet, goggles and altimeter) $ 5
Rigging Services, Inspections and Repairs are also available CALL NOW!