Tandem Skydiving

You may have watched others do it, but now the time has come for you to skydive. Tandem skydiving is the easiest, safest, and cheapest way of getting sixty seconds of free fall under your belt. At Skydive Hollister in Hollister, CA, we offer cheap skydiving, high skydiving, and the best skydiving in the Bay Area. Experience and enjoy the pure thrill of skydiving over San Francisco without having to worry about a thing. Minimal training required!

18,000 feet – Highest Tandem Jumps in the World.

Any higher and you have to leave the plane with supplemental oxygen. When above 15,000 feet our state of the art aircraft provides oxygen for the remainder of the flight. If you’re going to jump, you may as well go to the top of the world! Skydiving in San Francisco has never been better.

Learn to Fly

Think of your first Tandem Skydive in the Bay Area as working with training wheels. When you learned to drive a car, you didn’t go out on your own first. If you were learning to fly (which is what skydiving is), you wouldn’t immediately solo. Kind of like jumping in the pool before you go through Scuba Training. Instead, you’d first go through dual instruction with a licensed instructor. Once you get your feet wet, enroll in our Solo Training Program!


You have two options, Accelerated Free Fall or Instructor Assisted Free Fall. AFF, the Accelerated program, will get you solo diving faster. You take a 4-6 hour ground school, or First Jump Course after which you jump seven times with Instructors under your own parachute. The Instructors are there you help, but you have your own parachute. With IAF it’s a little more relaxed. You do two tandem skydives where you learn some basics, like free-fall turns and altitude awareness. Then you take the First Jump Course followed by six AFF levels. Pick what’s best for you!

Only the Best

Other places put you in large classes. They charge you for fuel. They make you purchase or rent gear. They make you wait under cloudy skies. At Skydive Hollister, our skydiving prices are quoted out the door with no hidden costs – tax included. Our personal, one on one instruction is all you need to have the time of your life!

Free Fall at 120mph

While harnessed to a fully trained and licensed tandem instructor, you will leave the aircraft together and free fall to an altitude of about 5,000 feet, a trip that takes over a minute. Yes, more than a full minute of falling at over 120mph. Skydiving over the Monterey Bay is an experience like no other you’ve encountered.

Enjoy the View

Once the parachute has been deployed, you will have four to five minutes of time to enjoy the view of Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Monterey Bay, learn about canopy control, practice for the landing, and just enjoy the ride. You will assist in guiding and landing the parachute at the drop-zone for a safe, soft landing.

Skydiving in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1982

Just south of San Jose, Skydive Hollister has been a Bay Area establishment for decades. Join our experienced staff for the thrill of your life! If you live in San Jose, Monterey or Santa Cruz, you live remarkably close to the Bay Area’s best drop zone! Tandem skydiving in California has never
been better!