Celebrate your birthdays, special gatherings, or corporate get-togethers in a specials way. Join Skydive Hollister in Hollister, CA to add thrill to your life. It is one of the fastest growing the most favorite drop zones among skydiving enthusiasts. Check our competitive rates below.

Brand New

A brand new PAC, a brand new building, and a brand new Skydive Hollister. Whether you’re just getting into the sport, did your first 5,000 jumps here, or are just want to check the place out, you should plan your next weekend at the drop zone for Hollister. Things have changed quite a bit and we’d love for you to come down and have fun in our little playground!

We Want To See You Jump

We know it isn’t easy being an up-jumper, so we have TONS of ways for you pay less and jump more. Our Block Rates are very aggressively priced, and we have a killer referral plan to get your friends hooked. For every tandem you bring our way, you’ll get yourself a free Jump Ticket or you can show your friends the red carpet and give them a $20 VIP Discount. Once your friends are hooked and buy our AFF Package, they’ll save $100 each and you’ll get yourself two free Jump Tickets.We just want to see people jump!

Even More

As if that wasn’t enough, we just started a new project. We want your footage! Get a Video Card and every sick jump that you film, throw the footage to one of our guys and they’ll stamp it. Your footage will be featured in our weekly video rollups, and after you get 15 little stamps on your card, turn it in for a free Jump Ticket. You read that right.