Submit a booking request for the date and time of your choosing. Skydive Hollister requires a 48-hour period before you receive your confirmation. A staff member will get back to you to discuss your options. We try our best to accommodate everyone, but we cannot guarantee certain requests. Please call or e-mail us regarding any concerns. Skydive Hollister may not give out medical advice; for questions on health issues that may be related to skydiving, please contact your medical practitioner.

Morning slots may be booked for any jump (8K by default, 11K, 15K or 18K), while afternoon slots are limited to (11K by default, 15K and 18K).

This is a booking request form only. SUBMITTING A REQUEST DOES NOT GENERATE A CONFIRMED RESERVATION IN OUR SYSTEM. Please call if you need assistance with your reservation request.

Preferred Arrival Time
Morning Hours (8000-ft., 11000-ft., 15000-ft., 18000-ft.)Afternoon Hours (11000-ft., 15000-ft., 18000-ft.)

8, 000-ft. (~15 seconds of free-fall)11, 000-ft. (~30 seconds of free-fall)15, 000-ft. (~60 seconds of free-fall)18, 000-ft. (~90 seconds of free-fall)

Voucher Codes (if you have a prepaid jump purchased from a third-party vendor, please note each, separated by a comma):