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Surpass your wildest dreams and learn to skydive solo with our Accelerated Free-fall skydiving program. Learn to skydive at your own pace with USPA-rated skydiving instructors until you’re ready to jump on your own, an unparalleled life experience. Learn new skills, make new friends and take the leap over the walls of your comfort zone. Several of our AFF students have become world class skydivers, instructors or have developed an undeniable passion for the sport.

Our globally recognized skydive training course involves up to an entire day of comprehensive ground training before your first training jump. We use only state-of-the-art equipment and our highly qualified skydive instructors will help you develop your skydive skills every step of the way to ensure you learn how to skydive effectively and mindfully.

Once you’ve completed the comprehensive ground school, you’ll exit the aircraft with your instructors holding on to you to perform some basic skydiving maneuvers on the way down; deploy your parachute, then fly over Tres Pinos, California to your designated landing zone. After the course is completed, you will be allowed to skydive solo!

When you have successfully completed the 7 AFF training jumps, you need to complete 18 consolidation jumps to practice the skills you have learned. You will practice unassisted and accuracy landings and take a class on how to pack a parachute back into the container. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you’ll be eligible to apply for your A License from the United States Parachute Association.

With your USPA A License, you are able to rent a parachute rig and jump at other skydiving facilities anywhere in the world, jump with other licensed jumpers, join competitions, take advantage of more affordable jump rates, pack parachutes, jump higher performance canopies, and experience flying from a whole new perspective of the sport.

Once you complete the Ground School and first AFF training jump (Level 1), there are still several steps you’re required to complete before you graduate and officially become a skydiver!

The Training Program ensures that you know how to properly check your gear, know airplane loading procedures, exit properly, fall stable, complete a series of basic free-fall maneuvers, and that you can deploy and safely land your parachute. Once you are able to demonstrate these skills, then you are allowed to skydive solo or with a coach!

Skydive Hollister has had hundreds of students over the years, with majority of the students passing the program in the planned 7 jumps to solo status.

Skydive Hollister also offers extensive training in many areas, so please feel free to give us a call or drop in a visit to discuss your options.

Each Category teaches you more and more as you progress to ‘Solo’ status. Once you are solo, you have a great deal of freedom and have great confidence and ability as you move on to your USPA ‘A’ License.

Full completion of all 7 category jumps will earn you your ‘Solo Certified Status’ allowing you to start jumping your own parachute and for cheaper jump rates!



  • is the first jump, includes a detailed ground school on all aspects of free-fall skydiving, aircraft procedures, equipment, canopy control, landing and unusual or emergency procedures


  • introduces the student to free-fall turns, and improve on your landing pattern and basic canopy skills


  • you will learn forward movement and additional skills. You will also learn to plan your own canopy pattern with minimal assistance


  • the Zen dive! At this point, you should be able to keep a heading and stay mindful. You will learn 90 and 360 degree free-fall turns and learn riser & braked turns under canopy. We also touch on accuracy and stand-up landings


  • we practice aerobatic free-fall maneuvers such as back flip, front flip, and barrel roll. Canopy skill includes planning your own spot, spotting basics, and landing within 50m of the target by yourself


  • dive out exit! This is your first completely solo skydive. Go enjoy the skills you have acquired and have some fun!


  • the Graduation dive! By now, skydiving is way less nerve-wrecking. You will be jumping with your instructor, and complete all maneuvers learned from your previous jumps

7 DAYS A WEEK | 10 AM – 4 PM