If you are under the impression that skydiving is an expensive hobby, then think again. Skydive Hollister in Hollister, CA offers fun jumps, solo, and tandem skydives at great prices. We are passionate about skydiving and we want to share it with all those who want to feel the thrill of free falling. We will offer you all the necessary equipment, accessories, and training to make your skydiving experience memorable.

We here at Skydive Hollister in Hollister, CA offer a wide variety of service and jump options, including tandem, AFF, a skydiving store on site, and video and photo services for your skydive.


Located at the Hollister Airport (about 15 miles south of Gilroy and due east of the Monterey Bay), you get a fantastic view from the air at this drop zone. Check out some of the images in our photo gallery.

In general, we have great weather! There are exceptions, of course, but we seem to sit in some pocket where bad weather just doesn’t touch us all that much. While the weather in the San Francisco Bay Area or Monterey will be foggy, we’ll have blue skies and mild winds. When we do have fog, it burns off pretty early.


All of Skydiving Hollister’s jump instructors have earned USPA’s highest ratings. Each one has at least 1,000 jumps to their credit with many having reached 5,000 jumps or more. Skydive Hollister’s instructors have trained literally thousands of first time students with a perfect safety record. Many of our instructors have over 20 years of experience teaching skydiving and have had students go on to become national and world champions.

At Skydive Hollister, we really believe we have the best group of instructors in the United States, dedicated to teaching students as well as maintaining exceptionally high safety standards.



Our PAC 750XL is a powerful turbine aircraft that takes 15 jumpers to 15,000 feet in under 15 minutes. Because of its reliability and safety, the PAC 750 XL is the perfect aircraft for Tandem, AFF, solo, and group jumps. You really haven’t jumped until you’ve experienced a skydive from 18,000 feet from our PAC.

We also have a wide variety of rigs available for rent, from 280s to 150s and everything in between.